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Orange County Family Portraits


Family portraits also include family groupings, high school seniors, children portraits, and maternity / pregnancy. As are our Headshots, portraits of families, and all genres, may be commissioned not only in the studio but on locations, such as the beach, park, home or city locations.

Family Portraits

18 Family Portrait Home

We provide both studio and on-location family portraits. Group portraits, because of their size, are on location only. Call us today to learn more about our exclusive “Unlimited” family photography session coverage.

Senior Portraits


Looking for a unique senior portrait session? At Orange County Headshot, we want to make your senior portraits uniquely you! Our award winning expert photographer, Mark Jordan, will help you create a look that’s all your own. Anything but ordinary…

Beach Portraits

21 Family Beach Portrait

As part of our on-location portrait session option, our expert photographer will meet you at a local beach for both group portraits or professional headshots. Take advantage of flattering, natural light, and have your headshots made along Orange County’s beautiful coastline.

Elated Headshot Clients
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