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About Orange County Headshots Photographer – Lorin Backe

Mark & Kari – Previous Owners

Hello – Mark Jordan here! Thank you for dropping by to learn more about Orange County Headshots Photographer, Lorin Backe.

As you might have guessed, Lorin Backe is the principal photographer and owner of Orange County Headshots. He’s also been my retouching mentor over the last two decades and was instrumental in the success of Orange County Headshots. Lorin is now the new owner of OCH where he creates superior headshots out of his residential headshot studio in Laguna Hills. We are fortunate to have Lorin now at the helm of Orange County’s go-to headshot studio since 1981.

I’ve been tasked with writing about Lorin and his remarkable flair for photographing professionals. Not only am I excited to tell his story, but extolling Lorin’s talents and honors does not appear to sound as boastful when coming from me. Well, that, and I think we’re all a bit dubious of “third person” bios.

Lorin’s last name, Backe, is simpler to pronounce than it might look at first sight. The Norwegian pronunciation can be a bit tricky but think of it like “back” (as in the opposite of front), and you’ll be right on target.

Backe, which means “Hill” in Norwegian (similar to Laguna Hills), has a family history rooted in immigration and resilience. Lorin’s grandfather made the journey from Norway to the United States in the late 1800s. He embarked on a long and treacherous boat ride through the waters of South America, eventually reaching Portland, Oregon. From there, he made his way across the country, planting churches along the way as a Salvation Army Captain and pursuing a career as an engineer of sorts. He met an untimely end, struck by a streetcar one night on his way home from work, leaving my father and his three siblings orphaned. They were then raised in the Masonic Home on the north side of Chicago.

Lorin’s father’s path took an unexpected turn at the age of 16 when he ran away and became a telegraph operator, working with Morse code. This experience eventually led him to become a radio operator, known as “Sparks,” on a ship in the Pacific during World War II. He also assumed the role of the ship’s unofficial photographer, equipped with a darkroom on board, capturing many images of other captains and their ships during the war. After the war, he worked in studios and labs, ultimately establishing “Interstate Photo Supply,” a prominent professional photography service center in the Midwest that handled repairs and supplied professional equipment during the 1950s and 1960s. He even played a pivotal role in helping me set up my first darkroom when I was a teenager.

Lorin’s passion for photography began early as he majored in art in high school and started working as a professional photographer during his senior year. It was during this time that Lorin knew he wanted to pursue a career in photography, even though it was a challenging path back then. When Lorin moved out west in the late 1970s, he brought with him two cameras that his father had lovingly “made” for him, and he still cherishes them to this day.


The most common question people ask Lorin is, “What sets Orange County Headshots apart from other headshot photographers?” Though there are several differences, I think there are two meaningful distinctions that are relevant to examine.

The first difference is Lorin’s intuitive knack for capturing genuine expression. Whether he’s photographing a corporate event or creating an actor’s headshot, our clients tell us they are amazed not only at the extent that Lorin will go to elicit a wide range of genuine expressions but how he makes it “fun” and “painless.” This brings me to the second characteristic.

We recently conducted a poll, Survey Says, in which nearly 600 of our clients responded. In it, we learned there are seven most cited reasons for clients choosing our studio.

BEFORE our clients hired us, they reported that the most persuasive reasons for choosing us were our reputation, reviews, and recommendations.

AFTER we created their headshot, however, they cited an entirely different reason. That being, they remarked about how Lorin made them feel during their session. Even the most “UNphotogenic” clients stated that for the first time in their lives, they felt at ease and comfortable, if not photogenic!

They also cite that the entire process was educational, effortless, and enjoyable. I think what they sense is that Lorin is just as passionate about them as he is about his photography.


At Orange County Headshots, we are dedicated to the craft of designing professional headshots for business and the arts. Our passion is to delight our clients with headshots that portray them at their best. We strive for natural expressions, which are a genuine reflection of their achievements and aspirations. We are committed to elevating the art, science, and profession of Orange County photography while exemplifying the highest professional and ethical standards in all facets of business operations and client interaction.


Besides designing individual headshot portraits, our studio, Orange County Headshots, also designs corporate headshots for businesses and the arts. A partial list of notable companies that have commissioned Orange County Headshots can be viewed by clicking the link: Our Loyal Headshot Clients


American Society of Photographers
Professional Photographers of America
Professional Photographers of Inland Empire
International Photographer’s Hall of Fame and Museum


Hi all – Lorin here! Now you know something about our studio and me, the following is a quick summary of my family.

While we very much appreciate your needs in making a living, as well as those on a tight budget, please understand that we are also highly and humbly content with our business. This encompasses both our volume and pricing.

At the risk of sounding uncaring, after over 40 years of developing relationships, we are blessed with more business than we can possibly handle and we believe our headshots are already priced at a bargain. That is, we have no need for paid advertising and we create headshots at an exceptionally fair price.

Portfolio | Orange County Headshots

View our Orange County Headshots Portfolio for more professional portrait inspiration.

Thank you again for dropping by and taking the time to learn more about us. We look forward to meeting you soon.

In the meantime, and as always, should you have questions regarding any aspect of professional headshots or our About Orange County Headshots Photographer – Loring Backe, no concern is too small.

Lorin Backe • Owner • Photographer

About Orange County Headshots Photographer – Lorin Backe



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