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Change of Face and Place

As many of you now know, Kari and I have recently achieved the 2-R’s of adulthood – we Retired and Relocated! 

That’s right – after four decades of creating headshots in Orange County, our perennial longing for a change of season and scenery prevailed. Equipped with an abundance of research and travel, we replanted ourselves in the Hill-Country of Texas. More importantly, we chose a state where liberty and freedom remain the principles upon which it was forged.

A Change of Face and Place in Texas Hill Country
Mark & Kari Loving New Home in Boerne, Texas

However, regardless of Kari and I moving away, obtaining a superior Orange County Headshot remains as effortless as it ever was.


Before we left, we were fortunate to search out a fellow photographer you can trust. He not only possesses our passion for headshot photography but he is also eminently equipped to manage all your headshot needs. Yeehaw!

Your new photographer is Lorin Backe (pronounced like “back”).

Lorin is the owner and sole photographer of OC Headshots (easy to remember, right?). And like Orange County Headshots, Lorin’s OC Headshots studio is at his home in Laguna Hills, just a short distance from where we used to be:

ADDRESS: 26396 Eva St Laguna Hills, CA 92688

PHONE: 949-713-4050

Lorin is a veteran photographer with decades of headshot experience. He is not only committed to every aspect of the art of headshot photography, he’s also a remarkable person. We trust Lorin explicitly and could not be any more thrilled to have him carry on the torch of excellence.

As a courtesy to you and to better help you find an excellent headshot photographer, we have kept our Orange County Headshots website up. We’ve also designed it to reflect Lorin’s headshot pricing. Regardless, we advise contacting Lorin directly regarding any and all details of hiring him for your next headshot: OC Headshot Contact.

Thank you all – it’s been a most rewarding 40 years of photographing you and serving the cities of Orange County.

In the meantime, and as always, should you have questions regarding any aspect of professional headshots or our A Change of Face and Place, no concern is too small.

Change of Face and Place for Orange County Headshots

A Change of Face and Place

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