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Oil cleansing is an essential part of every balanced skincare routine. If you struggle with excess oil, dry skin, redness, or maintaining clear skin, let me explain how adding this simple step to your routine will dramatically change your complexion. Find out all you need to know about why oil cleansing is right for you and how to incorporate it into your skincare routine.


Oil cleansing is the very first step in your skincare routine. It’s the act of using oil to remove oil to effectively remove dirt and bacteria without over stripping the skin of essential nutrients. Your skin will feel lighter, more moisturized, and have a healthy glow all day long.


Oil attracts oil. Oil cleansers break down and remove sweat, makeup, or surface buildup accumulated on your skin during the day. Oil cleansers are for all skin types because, during cleansing, the skin absorbs what it needs, and any excess oil gets rinsed away. After cleansing, oily skin will have a matte finish, and dry skin will be more hydrated.

It’s a one size fits all product. 


The skin is a protective barrier made up of oil (sebum), water, lipids, and sweat. This barrier produces a hydrolipidic film to protect itself from external factors and retain moisture: hydro, meaning water, lipidic, meaning oil. A multitude of problems develops in the skin when that barrier is unbalanced and damaged. That’s why a healthy skincare routine has two principal components: water and oil. Your body needs water to function correctly and healthy fats to look and feel its best. While this may seem an oversimplification, it’s based upon the essential understanding of how the skin functions, and proven to be the most effective approach to balancing the skin’s barrier function and achieving a healthy glow all year long.



Most people who struggle with oily skin only use oil-free products. They avoid oil at all costs because they believe it is responsible for breakouts, but this is a common misconception. Removing oil and drying out your face will only exacerbate the issue and will tell it to produce more sebum. When you adopt oil into your routine, it sends a message to your overactive sebaceous glands that it already has enough and doesn’t need to produce anymore. Without over stripping the skin, oil cleansing will thoroughly cleanse the skin of bacteria and remove excess sebum by replacing it will new healthy oils, and overtime, lower the production of sebum. This is why I encourage my clients to also add two to three drops of oil to their daily moisturizer. What a difference it makes!


If you struggle with dry skin, oil cleansing will help soften your skin and bring moisture back to its barrier. Dry skin has underactive sebaceous glands, meaning it doesn’t produce enough sebum, and as a result, shows more fine lines and wrinkles. Dry skin also struggles with deep congestion because excess dead skin cells build up and harden over time. Oil cleansing will help keep skin moisturized and hydrated, which makes it easier to exfoliate and relieve congestion.


Maybe you feel like you have both oily and dry areas on your face. For example, your nose is dry and flaky, the forehead is oily, cheeks are red, and your chin is breaking out, all at the same time. It feels like you have every skin type and condition, and you don’t fit a cookie-cutter explanation of only one skin type. People who neglect their skin for a long enough time will experience a multitude of issues and even a sudden change in skin type. Like a cry for help, your skin will produce excess oil in some areas, dry patches in another, and become red and inflamed. These problems, combined with a lack of manual exfoliation, stress, unhealthy diet, and hormonal fluctuations, will create deep congestion and chronic inflammation. If left untreated, it will only lead to more breakouts, inflammation, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. It’s a terrible cycle that can feel impossible to overcome. 

Whatever problem you are dealing with, oil cleansing is the first step towards balancing your barrier function and achieving healthier skin!*


Start with clean hands and dry skin. Massage about a quarter size amount of oil into your face and neck. Use firm pressure as you make circular motions around your entire face. Give yourself an uplifting massage to lift, tone, and tighten facial muscles. 

It’s best to use warm water to rinse oil away, which is why I’ll do it before getting in the shower. In the morning, I rinse with cold water to close my pores and stay extra hydrated all day long. Feel free to experiment with what feels right for you. I switch it up all the time! Always follow up with a toner, serum, oil or moisturizer, and SPF.


You will start to notice a change in how your skin feels right away. I recommend sticking to a routine, morning and night, for at least one month. By that time, you’ll notice a decrease in oil production and an improvement in skin tone and texture.

I started oil cleansing every morning and night in February 2020. After three months, oil cleansing dramatically changed my complexion. I stopped breaking out every day, my redness and sensitivity decreased, and my skin tone evened out. I don’t wake up oily, tight, or dry, but instead, my skin has a matte finish. I was terrified to put oil on my face, but now I gladly immerse myself in it. I’ve tried so many different cleansers, toners, serums, and masks; all I needed was healthy oils and more water!


If you are curious about oil cleansing and want to give it a try, Derma Roots carries an organic and natural homemade oil cleanser. It smells like a cold, crisp morning in the mountains, my favorite. It’s an excellent option for those who want to get started without breaking the bank! Check it out here.

If you have any questions or concerns about your skin, I would love to help you! Book a spa appointment, or send me an email. I’ll be in touch with you soon. Happy cleansing!

*Many factors affect your skin health: diet, stress, dehydration, hormone imbalances, and daily habits. Before seeing a dermatologist, taking medication, or throwing out all of your skincare, try adopting an oil cleanser into your routine and see how this one step alone will help.

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