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Complete Picture to Headshot Pricing


Keeping with our tradition of meeting the needs of every client, we posted the Complete Picture to Headshot Pricing. Our Complete Picture to Headshot Pricing is structured around the belief that One Size Does Not Fit All. The traditional package approach is beneficial for most, but not for others. This got us thinking.

What if we put together a way for our clients to choose which approach to purchasing their headshots was most beneficial to them? It would not only have to make individualizing their headshot order easy but would be cost-effective regardless of which option was selected.

In short, we sought to devise a means by which we could best meet the needs of our clients – not ours.

Our challenge was twofold:
1. While our bottom-line clients demand an in-n-out approach with preassembled packages, other, more particular clients, present us with unique needs, which require individualized attention.
2. The easy answer is to offer both approaches, but how, while keeping the process straightforward and uncomplicated?

After much deliberation and planning, we came up with a solution. We hammered out a way that refined and simplified our current, preassembled packages while designing a new, versatile, personalized package. 

Because the preassembled packages included all three headshot components (i.e., session, digital file, retouching) we named them All-In-One. And since the session is a Single-Look and the process is quick and easy, we labeled it FasTrak. Thus, our All-In-One, FasTrak Packages was born.

As to our individualized packages, they were christened À La Carte. Why? Our clients now have the ability to order every aspect of their headshot creation – their session, digital files, and retouching. They can also add people to their sessions and even receive substantial discounts when scheduling multiple sessions with their staff. To wit, À La Carte, Personalized Packages became a reality. 

Lastly, we constructed our two packaging options so that the pricing is consistent across every component. Whether you choose All-In-One, FasTrak Packaging, or opt for our À La CartePersonalized Packaging, the pricing is identical.

In other words, the typical surcharge associated with A La Carte pricing has been eliminated. We wanted to offer a refreshing approach to pricing so that regardless of which package pricing meets a client’s headshot needs, All-In-One or À La Carte, they are treated fairly.

In a nutshell, our two new approaches are working. As we surmised, our All-In-One, FasTrak Packaging, is still meeting the requirements of the vast majority of our clients, while our À La Carte, Personalized Packaging option is ready for clients with specialized needs.

To discover how our One Size Does NOT Fit All pricing benefits you most, we must first consider the three basic elements of the creation of ANY headshot:

  1. Headshot Session – you need to be photographed.
  2. Digital File – you need an image.
  3. Retouching – some degree of it is vital to render a natural-looking face.

Each of the three key elements offers choices, which are designed to accommodate a wide range of needs. All Headshot Package Pricing, therefore, is largely a function of preference and budget.

After familiarizing yourself with the headshot pricing options available, simply select the SessionDigital File, and Retouching that you feel best meets your headshot needs.

If you’re not sure which purchase approach is best for you, we will be happy to discuss our options with you and help you identify your headshot needs. CONTACT US

Complete Picture to Headshot Pricing


Thank you for your interest in the professional photography services of Orange County Headshots by Mark Jordan. The following information is provided for those who desire to learn every detail of Headshot Package Pricing.

Firstly, the creation of ALL headshots is comprised of three essential elements: a session, a digital file, and retouching. Whether you commission Mark Jordan to create your headshot or another portrait studio, every headshot embodies these three distinct ingredients:
1. Session; 2. Digital File; 3. Retouching.

We offer Headshot Package Pricing both with our FasTrak and Personalized options. Regardless of which approach you prefer, the pricing is exactly the same. 

FasTrak Packages are All-In-One, assembling the 3 Essential Elements with the addition done for you. 

Personalized Packages are À La Carte, listing the pricing for each individual component, allowing you to choose what’s most relevant to you.

FasTrak Package is ideal for those whose needs are simple – it provides a Single Session for one look, a digital WEB file, and Express retouching with upgrade options.

Personalized Packages are recommended for those who may need more than one look, multiple digital files, and possibly high-resolution digital files. Should you have specialized needs, we are more than happy to create a Personalized package just for you.

The following are DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS regarding the 3 Elements of any Headshot Package Pricing. Along with the detailed descriptions of our FasTrakAll-In-One pricing, we’ve also included the À La Carte pricing for Personalized Packages. This way you are able to not only see how your All-In-One Package pricing was derived but can readily discern which approach, All-In-One or À La Carte is best to meet your headshot need.

Should you have any questions along the way, please know that no concern is too small.


Complete Picture to Headshot Pricing by Orange County Headshots

We provide four basic levels of Headshot Session Coverage. Regardless of which session best meets your needs, Mark is your personal photographer for all four. Each session also includes complete coverage – differing perspectives, up and down, left and right, lighting exploration – fun!

1. SINGLE $75
• By far our most preferred headshot session.
• One Session, unique look or person.
• 30 Minimum Exposures
• 20 Minute Session

2. DOUBLE $115
• Two Sessions, unique looks or people.
• 60 Minimum Exposures
• 30 Minute Session

3. TRIO $150
• Three Sessions, unique looks or people.
• 90 Minimum Exposures
• 40 Minute Session

4. QUAD $185
• Four Sessions, unique looks or people.
• 120 Minimum Exposures
• 50 Minute Session

Should you need a more extensive portfolio, we suggest scheduling a complimentary consultation where we can discuss every detail and determine the best, least expensive approach.


Complete Picture to Headshot Pricing by Orange County Headshots

We offer two approaches to purchasing Digital Files: Optimized digital file and Full-Frame.


WEB – $75

  • Web Resolution Digital File (WRDF) 72 ppi
  • Optimized for posting on the internet, which meets the needs of 99.99% of our clients.
  • Ideal for all web-posting needs – by far our most popular.
  • Rights for unlimited posting on websites and social media.

HIGH – $75

  • High-Resolution Digital File (HRDF) 300 ppi – 3-9 MB)
  • Ideal for business cards, brochures, book covers, etc.
  • Also available at NO CHARGE with a WEB file purchase.
  • We will email your HRDF directly to your printer/graphic designer at your request.


RAW – $195

  • Unprocessed, Full-Frame digital file, straight out of our camera (4480×6720).
  • Also known as a RAW File, or the photographer’s “Digital Negative.”
  • Offered for design professionals who require complete in-house production.

MAX – $225

  • Processed, Full-Frame digital file, color corrected, and prepared for publication (4480×6720).
  • Not only is the Max-File a ready-to-use, High-Resolution file, it also includes the Maximum area of the captured image.  
  • Ideal for design professionals who desire a processed, full-framed high-res digital to complement their in-house production services.

We also offer a wide range of Paper Photographs and will provide pricing upon request.


Complete Picture to Headshot Pricing by Orange County Headshots

We offer THREE (3) levels of Pre-Post Production – Retouching services. Each level is designed to accommodate a wide range of facial demands and the ultimate objectives of your headshot. Every face requires some degree of retouching.

If you’re not familiar with quality retouching and why it is so vital to the success of your headshot portraits, you will benefit from reading one of our blog posts, which is specifically written to answer your questions:

The Art of Retouching:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Before we begin, it’s important to first define the essence of RETOUCHING. To do this, we want to discuss both what retouching IS and what it IS NOT.

Firstly, what people refer to when requested “retouching,” is actually a four-pronged function Mark Jordan has coined as PRIMP. In short, PRIMP is the aesthetic modifications invested on your behalf. It is comprised of:

  • Preparation
  • Retouching
  • Image Manipulation 
  • Postproduction

As you can see, the “retouching” portion is just one facet of what we typically think of as “retouching.”

The completion of your headshot may require all or a portion of PRIMPING. While all retouching levels include image preparation and post-production adjustments, other levels include either a lesser or more complex retouching and image manipulation.

Please keep in mind that appropriately applied retouching is not intended to alter one’s character. The goal is to render the face conversationally – that is as if sitting across from a friend in conversation (not examining every detail in a vanity mirror).

We accomplish conversational retouching by softening/removing those elements people do not normally notice when engaged in a conversation while bringing out and lightly enhancing those attractive and striking features they generally do recognize.

All retouching levels include Mark Jordan’s proprietary photographic techniques, which incorporate large/soft studio lighting and post-production Raw file preparation.

1. Express: $0
Standard: the primary focus is on “cleaning’ the face by the removal of facial blemishes, removing clothing lint and marks, removing unwieldy, wild hairs, and fine-tuning color.

2. Prime $75
Radiance: includes Express, plus rendering a soft, radiant glow to the skin, and evening of the skin tones. The focus of Radiance is smoothing skin textures, softening and removing facial lines (forehead, around eyes, neck), evening skin tones/color, lessening facial shine, and yielding a radiant warmth to the face. The image may also include vignetting and refining color and contrast for greater depth.

3. Pro: $150
Complete: includes all the attributes of Prime plus emphasis on not only the aesthetic quality of your headshot (see details below), but special attention is given to perfecting color, rendering depth, brilliance, and pop to your headshot. Pro Retouching renders your face on its best day! 

eyes – iris color and sparkle • define catchlights • restore whites • define eyelashes and eyebrows • remove glare • soften bags and crows-feet • remove redness/bloodshot and watery shine. 
neck– soften lines • remove double-chins • thin/narrow width • reduce jowls • darken skin tone.
hair – restore highlights/brilliance/sheen/glow to all hair (as well as mustache/beard/goatee) • shape • fill gaps • remove strays • color.
teeth – desaturate yellow • narrow gaps • straighten lines • remove glare • fill-in missing teeth.
thinning – remove unwanted pounds from all areas including face, cheeks, neck, jowls, arms, legs, and tush.
nose – softening texture • removing redness • soften pores • remove blood vessels • straighten • narrow width.
lips – define shape • lighten or darken • soften texture • color • remove cracks and dryness • add contrast/depth • even lips lines • correct symmetry • tweak smile. 
ears – remove glare • grease and shine • remove hair in and around • even skin tone • darken • narrow. 
stray hairs – remove from around head, ears, nose, chin, forehead, neck, upper lip. etc. 
background – lightening-darkening • vignetting • toning • contrast • color • blending.
color – fine-tune skin tone, glow, contrast, shadow, highlights, and brilliance.

1. CLOTHING ADJUSTMENTS – Included with Pro Retouching or can be added, À La Carte.
CLOTHING adjustments can be purchased either by individual items (i.e., a la carte) or opt to have Mark COMPLETELY RETOUCHING EVERYTHING for an all-inclusive price of just $150.


  • removing lint, dirt, and stains: Complimentary
  • evening contour edges:$25
  • closing lapels: $25
  • thinning:$25
  • miscellaneous adjustment: $25
  • complete jacket fitting: $75


  • removing lint, dirt, and stains: Complimentary
  • evening contour edges:$25
  • removing wrinkles: $35
  • collar fixing: $35
  • thinning:$25
  • miscellaneous adjustment: $25
  • complete shirt adjustment: $50


  • removing lint, dirt, and stains: Complimentary
  • evening contour edges: $25
  • removing wrinkles: $35
  • reshaping: $25
  • fit to neck: $25
  • miscellaneous adjustment: $25
  • complete tie/scarf adjustment: $50


  • removing lint, dirt, and stains: Complimentary
  • evening contour edges:$25
  • removing wrinkles: $35
  • reshaping:$25
  • fit to legs: $25
  • miscellaneous adjustment: $25
  • complete pants adjustment: $50

BACKGROUND REPLACEMENTS are offered in two modes:
Simple – when requesting a SIMPLE color background or STOCK image to be substituted.
Tailor-Made – when requesting a unique, one-of-a-kind creation by Mark Jordan.

Simple background replacement is ideal for those requiring a specific background color or a stock photo. This might be something as simple as matching your clothing choices or selecting a background color to correspond to your website.  

Tailor-Made is an exclusive feature of Mark Jordan’s Headshot services, which is the design of a digital background to complement any number of design considerations. It’s the ideal choice for those looking for a one-of-a-kind, unique image, and who desire to Stand Out From the Crowd.

SUMMARY: Complete Picture to Headshot Pricing

If you’re like so many with busy schedules and simply require the bottom line, the following Summary to the Complete Picture to Headshot Pricing is all you need to get you going. The ALL-IN-ONE Package Pricing INCLUDES the three essential elements to any headshot: 1) Single Look Studio Session2) Digital File3) Retouching:

  • $125 EXPRESS – Single Look Session with Mark Jordan – Web File – Full Standard Retouching
  • $200 PRIME  Single Look Session with Mark Jordan – Web File – Radiance Retouching
  • $275 PRO  Single Look Session with Mark Jordan – Web File – All-Inclusive Retouching – an Orange County Headshot exclusive!

In the meantime, and as always, should you have questions regarding any aspect of professional headshots or our Complete Picture to Headshot Pricing, no concern is too small.

Lorin Backe

Complete Picture to Headshot Pricing

When looking for a professional Orange County Headshots Photographer please call 949-713-4050 or complete our online request form.



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